From 2005 to 2008, I had a radio show in college on Rutgers’ radio WRSU. It was during this time that I got more into ambient music. After graduating, I always had it in the back of my mind to research internet radio, so I could keep sharing obscure music with the world. It wasn’t until January 2013 that I finally launched Ambient Sleeping Pill. It was really just a test. I had a large playlist by that name in my personal iTunes library, so I just threw it on a server and kept the name.

The Name

The name was just a random, 1-second’s-thought sort of name that I gave a playlist in my iTunes one day, sometime around 2008. Ironically, I never knew about the actual sleeping pill of a similar spelling until after I made this station. From what I understand about sleeping pills, I would not recommend such drugs and I hope that this music can be an alternative.


We simply select music that creates a pleasant and calm environment for sleep or work… ideal music for blocking out other noises and allowing you to clear your mind… less distracting than silence, but not so interesting that you focus on the music instead of falling asleep.

Our Music

We both make music of our own and run a small record label with mostly free (name-your-price) albums. You can support us especially by playing and saving our music on Spotify, or of course purchasing the music here.
Angela (as poemme) on Spotify
Andrew on Spotify
Our label Stereoscenic on Spotify

— Andrew J Klimek